Multi-Factor Authentication for
Windward System Five on Cloud

With cybercrime on the rise, we've added Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA for all Windward System Five on Cloud customers. Sign Up NOW!

Our  MFA tool is included with your System Five on Cloud Subscription.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

As the name implies, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) blends at least two separate methods of authentication to access your environment. Chances are that you use MFA to log into other tools that you use today.

Typically a password is required along with a secondary validation via email or an App that gives you a one-time use code.

Why do I need MFA?

Windward's Multi-Factor Authentication tool helps protect your data from cybercriminals.

MFA helps safeguard valuable business information like:

    • personally identifiable information
    • customer records
    • employee records 
    • supplier records
    • account balances

Anything stored in Windward System Five on Cloud would be more secure using MFA.

Multi-factor authentication is important because it makes stealing your information much harder for the average criminal. The more difficult a path you create to accessing your data, the more likely thieves will simply choose a different target. 

Sign Up for MFA

An added benefit is that users with MFA enabled can reset their passwords themselves without contacting Windward support.

This security upgrade is being provided as a part of your annual subscription.


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