Windward Intelligence Reporting for Windward System Five

Windward Intelligence takes the guesswork out of common questions that business owners want and need the answers to.   Imagine all of your sales KPIs available at a glance... That's Windward Intelligence!

Windward Intelligence Reporting pulls your System Five sales data periodically, giving you amazing sales analytics instantly. See our video demo below.

The following dashboards are included in Windward Intelligence

  • Sales by Categorywindward-intel-1
  • Gross Margins by Landed Cost
  • Sales by Salesperson
  • Top 10
  • Customer Analysis
  • Supplier Analysis
  • Sales by Region

Windward Intelligence is a separate product that is included with all Windward System Five on Cloud subscriptions, there's just a small one-time fee to get it set up.

Windward Intelligence is now being made available for Windward System Five On-Prem installations for a fee.  Fill out the form or contact your account manager for a quote.

NOTE: A subscription to Microsoft Power BI Pro is required in order to use Windward Intelligence.

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Sign up for Windward Intelligence


Sign up for Windward Intelligence

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Sales Analytics

Our Sales Reporting Dashboard gives you insights into your existing data.  Gross Margins, Sales by Category, Sales by Salesperson, & Sales by Region are included.


Sales by Category

Drill down into the metrics that matter most to you.  With Sales by Category you can instantly filter by date, department and even invoice type.


Sales by Region

Use Sales by Region function to measure and maximize your marketing efforts. Many more options are available for distilling your data the way that you need it.