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Introducing Windward System Five Sidekick: Mobile App for Windward Clients using V7.
With Sidekick, you can effortlessly perform inventory searches, price checks, inventory level checks, and even build orders—all from the convenience of your mobile device.
System Five Sidekick works on Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile phones of any make or model.
If you can catch a Wifi or Cellular signal you can use sidekick.
It's the perfect tool for on the go operations
Use it in the showroom, your warehouse or yard, a customer’s jobsite, or even at a tradeshow.

Let's dive in and explore the incredible features of System Five Sidekick. We'll start with the part find feature, which allows you to quickly search for items.

You can search for products using their part number or description.
If your device has a barcode scanner, such as the TC-21 android device, you can simply hit the item’s barcode with the scanner.
You'll instantly see relevant information like stock availability, pricing, supplier details, and even product images.
It's a game-changer for assisting customers right on the spot.
But what if you don't have the exact details? No worries! Sidekick's advanced search feature has got you covered. Simply browse through categories and sub categories to find the products you need. You can even search by description, supplier part number, or barcode.

The advanced search gives you a comprehensive view of the products, including pricing, quantities, and images. It's like having your entire catalog at your fingertips.

Let's switch over to the order builder.
When you're not sure about a specific part number, the find item button in the order builder is your go to.
Use advanced search to quickly find products by description, subcategory, or other criteria.
Add the items to your cart. View detailed information. And even include images to ensure you're selecting the right items.

Once you've built the perfect order, simply submit it for checkout or send an estimate directly to your customer via PDF.
System Five Sidekick can be displayed in Dark and Light Modes and resizes for the device that you are using.
Whether you're on the showroom floor, in the yard, or anywhere with an internet connection, Sidekick empowers you to provide exceptional service to your customers, Plus it keeps your staff from running around like crazy!

Windward System Five Sidekick: Exclusively for Clients using Windward System Five Version 7.
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