XO Logic for System Five


As your business grows, it becomes increasingly important to simplify work for employees and reduce friction in the sale process.

Trying to manage the constantly changing inventory and supply chain landscape without the right tools is like trying to steer a cruise ship with a canoe paddle. It can be done by force, but it's not easy.

The XO Logic Integration for Windward System Five is the perfect solution for lighting showrooms like yours.

This powerful integration helps you connect your online presence to your brick-and-mortar store, making it easier to go after leads and land more deals.

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Features at a Glance

 Sync Customer and Product Details

Customer info can be downloaded and matched to existing System Five customers.

Product details and stock levels can be synced between your XO Logic site and your Windward System Five dataset.

Download XO Logic Orders 

Orders can be downloaded into System Five as an estimate and quickly converted to a work order to be filled

Full Product Catalog Synchronization 

Costs, descriptions, and optionally list prices can be updated automatically.  New products can be added to the virtual warehouse for full import on demand. NOTE: all XO suppliers will need to be mapped for this work seamlessly.


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️ Watch the Pre-Recorded Webinar Now ️

So, What is the cost?

windward_systemfive_oncloud_1200px_transparent windward_systemfive_transparent

$2000 to set up

+ 348/yr

$2000 to set up

+ 626/yr

Note: This pricing does not include the fees associated with your XOLogic Account

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