Windward Connector for Woo Commerce Info Page


The Windward Connector for Woo Commerce gives retailers using Windward System Five the ability to publish their inventory to their Woo Commerce site and retrieve sales made by their online cart for fulfillment using the same system that they already use daily in their operations.

What does the Windward Connector for Woo Commerce do?

The Windward Connector for Woo Commerce is split into the following functional areas.

Inventory Sync and Publish

First and foremost the Windward Connector will publish items to your Woo Commerce site and keep the quantities in sync with Windward System Five.

Currently, the following fields from S5 are published

  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Description 2
  • Price (choice of price schedule)
  • Quantity (Available)
  • Web Description
  • Image

Changes to these fields are recognized and also sync on a pre-determined schedule.  Windward is considered the single source of truth here, so keep in mind that changes to these fields in Windward will be reflected on Woo Commerce.

Order Fulfillment

When a sale is made on your Woo Commerce site a flag goes up in Windward alerting your staff of the new order.

There is a validation process to identify any potential issues prior to import.  Descrepencies such as tax differences, shipping, and part mismatch are handled within Windward, so that you can continue to fulfill your orders as you normally would.

Customers are either matched to an existing System Five customer, or a new customer will be created if one cannot be matched.

Sales are imported as A, C, or W invoice types. Work Order is the preferred method so that you can take advantage of the invoice subtypes feature.

Invoices come in with a Tender Type of your choosing, so depending upon your model you can use your existing A/R process, collect payment at the Woo Commerce level, or do COD.


Some things to consider

The Windward Connector for Woo Commerce allows you to connect your current operation to your website.  Your web developer and you will have some decisions to make about how your website operates, what categories you want to have represented on the site, etc.  The method that you fulfill the orders from your Woo Commerce site will be integrated into the way that you currently fill orders using Windward System Five.  Inventory management, Accounting, and all of the rest of the Windward features work the same once you import your orders from Woo Commerce.

Serial numbers will not be pushed to the site, however, you will be prompted to fill in the serial number at some point after you import the order, depending upon how you have this set up now.

Matrix items will be pushed up as individual items, your web developer can help manage color and size selection at the site level.

If you have departments, your site can display the available quantity of the department of your choice OR the consolidated quantity across all departments, you and your web developer may also choose to hide this information at the site level.

Customer sales history is not synced to the Woo Commerce site, however, sales made on Woo Commerce after the time that the integration is set into production will land on the customer's record in System Five.

While there may be some Woo Commerce plug-ins for Rentals, this is not currently supported in this integration.

Only one currency is supported, however, this could be handled on the cart level through plug-ins or merchant services.

Are you ready to start using the Windward Connector?

Now that you know a bit more about what the Windward Connector for Woo Commerce is capable of...

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Ecom staging Import in sales menu

New eComm Staging

Use the Windward Connector to bridge your Windward System Five dataset and eComm Cart. Push inventory up, pull orders down.

ecom cart order placed

Import Online Orders 

Orders placed on your eComm cart can be imported so that you can track inventory and fulfill orders using your existing processes.

ecom imported order payments applied

Invoice Management

Your invoices come in with payment applied; ledgers are updated as you would usually expect from your ERP, Windward System Five.