Windward Connector is currently available for WooCommerce.  Additional connections will be prioritized by interest level and your willingness to sponsor. An SDK is also available.

NOTE: Businesses using the Windward Connector should have their own Web Developer who would ultimately be responsible for the design of your site. 

If you would like to take a "DONE FOR YOU" approach or need more options please consider our WebSell partner at

Windward Connector

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What Does the Windward Connector do?

We built the Windward Connector to bridge your System Five data to your online cart.

Windward Connector will sync the flowing attributes about your inventory:

  • Pricewindward_connector_items_on_woo_site
  • Quantity
  • Description One
  • Description Two
  • Web Comments
  • Length/Width/Height
  • Weight
  • Photo

In addition to the inventory sync, Windward Connector will also import your Web Orders as a work order for you to fulfill using your normal process in System Five. 

It will also create a customer record if one does not exist.

Please see the video above for a demonstration.

More System Five Add-Ons Are Available

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Ecom staging Import in sales menu

New eComm Staging

Use the Windward Connector to bridge your Windward System Five dataset and eComm Cart. Push inventory up, pull orders down.

ecom cart order placed

Import Online Orders 

Orders placed on your eComm cart can be imported so that you can track inventory and fulfill orders using your existing processes.

ecom imported order payments applied

Invoice Management

Your invoices come in with payment applied; ledgers are updated as you would usually expect from your ERP, Windward System Five.