Rentals Add-On for System Five

Without a streamlined process, renting equipment can be a frustrating experience for both you and your customers.

To further complicate things, time-consuming paperwork and lack of communication can lead to rental conflicts and missed opportunities.

Our Rentals Add-On will help you get customers in and out quickly, control rental inventory, and give you instant visibility to rental availability.  So you'll be able to identify rental conflicts and resolve them before they cause issues.

Offer a complete solution to your customers by selling consumables on the same invoice.

Earn more profit by having a full understanding of your rental utilization, so you can sell off your low-performing items and double down on the real winners.


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Features at a Glance

RENTAL_48 Rental Availability

Reserve items for your important contractors and get other customers taken care of quickly and efficiently with the rental availability look-up.

PASTE_48 Pre-Rental Checklists

Enforce safety checklists to ensure that your customers receive an operational, safe, and clean unit.

DOLLARSIGN_48 Rental Price Schedules

Set separate weekend rates for DIYers and assign contractors to individual price schedules

REFRESH_48 Renew Rentals

Save time by using the Renew Rentals report to generate monthly billing for long-term equipment in just a few clicks

How does the Rentals Add-On work?

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the Rentals features for Windward System Five.

So, What is the cost of the Rentals Add-on?

windward_systemfive_oncloud_1200px_transparent windward_systemfive_transparent

$2000 to set up

+ 348/yr

$2000 to set up

+ 1000/yr

If you are not yet a customer, you'll need a quote for Windward System Five with this add-on.

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