Multi-Currency Add-On

As a business owner, you know that making critical decisions requires accurate information.

However, getting accurate information can be difficult when your transactions take place in multiple currencies. You never really know what the exchange rate was on the day of the transaction, and it will likely be different on the date you order and receive the product.  All of the variations can lead to inaccurate reports and incorrect decision-making.

The Multi-Currency Add-On is the perfect solution for businesses that frequently transact in tender other than their own currency. This tool automatically makes conversions, giving you real-time visibility to the reports that you need to make critical decisions in your native currency and properly account for the gains & losses you experience due to fluctuations in FX rates.

Plus, you'll be able to generate invoices and purchase orders in alternate currencies, making it easier to remain competitive with customers and suppliers from around the world!


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Features at a Glance

CURRENCYEXCHANGE_48-1 Currency Conversion

Properly account for the gains & losses you experience due to fluctuations in the FX Rates.

SUPPLIER_48 Record Customization

Set supplier & customer records to display and convert to their preferred currency.

PO_SHOW_48 Invoicing & Purchasing

Generate invoices and PO’s in alternate currencies, so you can send & receive goods worldwide.

So, What is the cost of the Multi-Currency Add-On?

windward_systemfive_oncloud_1200px_transparent windward_systemfive_transparent

$3000 to set up

+ 348/yr

$3000 to set up

+ 626/yr

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