Business Management
Made Simple for
Lighting One Members


Lighting One has selected Windward Software as its preferred business management software vendor for its members.

Windward System Five on Cloud is the business management software of choice for Lighting One Members.


What makes Windward's Lighting Showroom Software so powerful?

Quite simply, Windward System Five couples your POS with Inventory Management while properly updating the accounting along the way.

This allows you to focus on servicing your customers so you can:

  • Get the right product
  • In the right place
  • At the right time

Windward System Five is a fully integrated point of sale and inventory management software package that helps you smooth out the processes that every Lighting Showroom has to manage.  Improve customer service and reduce costs while providing enhanced services to your employees and customers. 

We’ve designed this software with the business owner in mind, giving you total control of your operations, from the front checkout counter to the back office. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that Windward's customer care team is just a phone call away.

For details on this partnership please contact Windward Software or your Lighting One rep.

+1 (800) 663-5750


Learn More About Windward's Lighting Showroom Software

Whether you're selling a single bulb to a person or the full package to a contractor,
Windward System Five on Cloud handles all aspects of your Lighting Showroom.


SELL more

Windward’s Business Management Software is equally at home handling simple payment processing or specialized functions like bar code scanning, contractor allowances, delivery management, accounts receivable, alternate supplier management, and more.


ANALYZE your business

Gain the visibility that business owners crave through top-level and detailed reports.  Windward Intelligence gives you an up-to-date dashboard approach to running your business, arming you with data for making real-time decisions.


GROW as needed

Add modules, integrate with lighting industry software tools, start up a service department, add additional stores, or sell globally online. Windward's Lighting Showroom Software grows with you while you build your lighting empire.