Departments Add-On for System Five

As your business grows, it becomes increasingly important to track data by location or functional area so you can make sound strategic decisions.

Trying to manage a complex business without the right tools is like trying to steer a cruise ship with a canoe paddle. It can be done by force, but it's not easy.

The Windward System Five Departments Add-On is the perfect solution for a growing business like yours. This powerful add-on module gives you the ability to track data by physical location or functional area, making it easy to see how each department is performing.

While the Departments Add-On separates out Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable, it lets you roll it all up so you can report on the business as a whole.


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Features at a Glance

DEPTTRANSFER_48 Transfer Inventory

Queue transfers to fill orders or even stock balance stores using departmental highs and lows.

LEDGER_48 Separate Accounting

Manage expenses, bank recs, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and even report on how you are doing by location.

DOLLARSIGN_48 Price Schedules

Become more competitive and deliberate about pricing across your locations.

So, What is the cost of the Departments Add-on?

windward_systemfive_oncloud_1200px_transparent windward_systemfive_transparent

$1000 to set up

+ 228/yr

per department

$1000 to set up

+ 360/yr

per department

Example: You are a System Five on Cloud subscriber and intend to split your single location shop into 3 functional areas- Sales, Service, and Rental. This would be 3 departments and therefore $3000 to set up +684/year.

NOTE: If you are not yet a customer, you'll need a quote for Windward System Five with this add-on.

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