Advanced Inventory Control (AIC) System Five Add-On

Businesses that routinely carry backstock to meet customer demand can struggle with inventory control and efficiency.

Without an efficient inventory control system, you can quickly lose track of what you have on hand and where it's located. This can lead to stock-outs, overages, and frustrated employees.

Advanced Inventory Control Add-on for Windward System Five is the answer. AIC tracks inventory down to the Zone/Aisle/Shelf/Bin level, improving warehouse efficiency and reducing employee frustration.


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Features at a Glance

WMSLOC_VIEW_48 Location Management

Establish locations for the sales floor and warehouse based on factors that matter most to your business, whether that be sales velocity, RMA quarantines, Displays etc.

PASTE_48 Pick & Putaway

Create efficient pick pats and minimize handling by routing incoming freight accurately.

FORKLIFT_48 Cross-Docking

Intercept freight that is going right back out to the customer using the cross-docking feature. Stage special orders and deliveries according to priority.

How does AIC work?

Check out the video below for a demonstration of how the Advanced Inventory Control Add-on for Windward System Five works.

Please note: There are some considerations around inventory costing that you should discuss with your Windward Account Manager and your Accountant.

So, What is the cost for the Advanced Inventory Control Add-on?

windward_systemfive_oncloud_1200px_transparent windward_systemfive_transparent

$3000 to set up

+ 600/yr

$3000 to set up

+ 1000/yr

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